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    Monday, June 21, 2010


    God Geesus, I thank you for letting my eyes landed upon so many lovely creatures that made my last two weeks of this June semester break a pleasant and perfect enough ‘cept for th growth of acnes and pimples popping out. If you have been following my footsteps tightly on Twitter, no doubts I am leading a zombified life, with my body clock tuned totally inverted. What should I do? Skipping a night’s sleep and hit th sack early th after night, turns out t be a total baby nap for me. Looks like I can only sleep in th morning and wake up every evening. Yes, FML.

    Lately, I have th KBox fever that I hold th microphone more than four times in a week. I have lost my blogging bug, just let th peektures do th talking.

    I have not touched th desktop for ages and Momsie thought I quitted cyberlife that she tossed my rollable office chair away. Butts aching, bye.