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    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    Last t fall,

    Why hello there! Truly feeling apologetic over my Blogger’s rotting space, so I am here for a tad while. Upon my agreement with th Principal of Deyi Secondary, I have decided t try my best in improving my attendance despite whining non-stop about my wish in getting suspension.

    Okay. I have photos for... June24th, an evening spent with @LuluKoh at th Botanical Gardens.

    Then a new school term starts, and that is when disasters and catastrophes shake my world.

    ‘Eclipse’ on July5th, Youth Day with @NutnutLow @LuluKoh @NanaLimz. Went over Somerset313 t look for Calvin and he sent me back t Sengkang, Compass Point. Sweetpea, no?

    In case you are updated by those air-borne rumours spreading around, I would have t admit that yes, you are right. I have not had a boyfriend for two months or so, &yes, Calvin is my record breaker. He is my sweetest bum ever, his efforts t make me smile and definitely appreciated.
    Below are all th other outdated photos that ought t be uploaded since a donkey years back.