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    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    Here we go again.

    Curse and swear, about school. When I could produce a decent Medical Certificate, th school simply rejected and accused me of truancy, like getting a piece of Medical Certificate is so easy and whatsoever. What is th point of spending my daily allowance onto shits of Medical Certificate just t bloody prove (as proclaimed by Deyi Crappy School) that I was genuinely sick when it was just a false alarm (t y’all) that I was just th girl who cried wolf? Now that I do not bother, you people kept using th word ‘expel’ t threaten me if I do not have a Medical Certificate. Contradicting enough. :)

    Hello, I am not one of those typical school dropouts whom you see on th streets wasting their lives away. I have a goal and a future I want t write, I know how t live my life and I did not abuse my stand in th school. I do not believe in something like ‘I have t go t school just t pass my O Levels.’ A big shake-head, NO. There are many routes and paths t success and I do not like t stick t an old-way, it is so dead. No one owes Singapore a living. We find our own way t survive and prosper, turning challenges into opportunities.

    Come on, Ministry of Education & Deyi Crappy School. Please expel me if your thoughts vary very differently from mine. Teachers are there t lend a helping hand t help us. It is not that I am trying t give up, but I still care and studies do matter a lot t me, even if I do not express it. We are teenagers, we are supposed t be independent. Please let us have a mind of our own and a choice that interests us. Through expelling/suspending us, you are just trying t leave us t rot. Yes, choices have consequences.

    We ought t compromise instead of making quitting of school a dead-end, for we are th keys t Singapore’s future. (NE messages stated clearly that: We have confidence in our future. Every student must work hard and strive t their best in order to keep Singapore going, Singapore must be able t survive in th future and we have t be confident of what we are doing to help Singapore prosper. Singapore’s destiny lies in our hands, and we have t make its future bright and unwavering.)

    Fyi, I did go t school last week. I entered during recess time. It is just that I do not want t argue, I just stfu and let all of you accuse of. I have eyewitnesses too, please do not jump into conclusions like ‘You don’t see me means I am absent.’ C’MON, TH FUCKING SCHOOL IS SO BIG.

    Whatever, overdued photos I stole from Louisy's Blogger taken on 18th May in his Macbook. :D