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    Sunday, May 30, 2010

    Diamond words melted into some ice.

    So it was all about lies and broken hearts, all those smiles on our faces do not last with any doubts. Strip my heart apart, but I will still be standing strong with cheers of victory.

    ☺ Compassvale LRT t pick Louisylove
    ☺ Compass Point SingTel t confirm my waiving off of monthly bills
    ☺ Citylink The Asian Kitchen for brunch
    ☺ Suntec City for walks
    ☺ Suntec Convection t explore Vesak Day’s celebration
    ☺ Tanah Merah SAFRA for Louisy’s family chalet

    Then this is th part where I detest most for th day and which really pissed me off. We rushed t Orchard wanting t pick Szeminlove from work at ION &t our horror she was already at th MRT when we thought she was done with her dinner at Far East Plaza. Okay, fine. Thought Jeremylove would still be there ended up he was already at Dempsey Hill.

    So yeah, thank God Louisy’s daddy drove us back otherwise I would have died of raindrops causing rashes, in my killer heels under ultimate heat. But Jeremylove was sweet enough t initiate in coming back FEP t look for me. Alright, destiny loves game like this.