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    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    Down th secret aisle,

    (WARNING!: Photo spams)

    Saturday, May 15th 2010
    Thy were there. Thy are love. Thy don’t hurt. Thy can be trusted. Thy give th best advices. Thy brought laughter into my life. Thanks t them, I would like t have th honour t express my gratitude towards all who made th effort t hit Town& left when transportation is a kind of inconvenience, celebrated with me, that pleasant cake surprise. &Finally thanks t those who remembered my birthday, spammed my wall, handphone with all greetings, and having th thought of celebrating with me as well. I really appreciated every single one, love2all. ♥

    Fourth surprise for Russell Tsao got exposed eventually in less than five minutes, too imba t be elaborated in details. My part-time job as a girlfriend and ex-girlfriend has been accomplished.

    Caught ‘The Losers’ at TheCathay with Glen, Hazel, Lie Xuan and Louis.

    Hit Cineleisure’s KBox till 4am with Christopher, Frances, Jeremy, Joel, Katherine, Louis, Nicole, Timothy, Xavier, Yong Teck and Zen. No whiskeys nor vodkas, but it was a heaven-high moment. Sincere apologies and thankful-heart towards Poh Heng.

    Home sweet home, with Dadsie and Momsie sweet enough t wake up specially, picking me up at th void deck.

    P.S.: Leather &jeans, garage glamorous (I)
    Leather &jeans, garage glamorous (II)