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    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Rainy days.

    Tuesday: May, 4th

    Skipped school with Hazel. Byebye fringe, & hello bangs. Special gratitude towards Hazel for this double-bangs. :)

    Thursday: May, 6th

    Rivervale Plaza → Compass Point → Louis’ House.

    Friday: May, 7th
    Rushed home for a shower, prepared, had a puff under my block with Edmond and Tiong Hian then met Louis at his area. Rode a bus down Tampines1 t surprise Russell with specially custom-made Famous Amos cookie.
    Airport, then Daiso@RMall.

    Saturday: May, 8th

    Compass Point, Pizza Hut for brunch followed by Louis’ crib, then Mother’s Day dinner at Ang Mo Kio.

    Sunday: May, 9th
    Ikea, surprised Russell with my MTV by asking him t log-on Youtube t view. (Photos with Louis)

    Monday: May, 10th
    Louis' house for cupcakes-making.

    Tuesday, May 11th
    Overslept due t fever and skipped Principle of Accounts Paper2. Clinics', then surprised Russell with my best-made cuppycake. :)