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    Monday, March 1, 2010

    Under streetlights,

    Friday, February 26th
    With love and gratitude towards BabyC(harlie), BabyS(zemin) & BabyL(ouis) for initiating in accompanying me t KK Hospital in th morning despite their short hours of sleep time. In th end, only that pair of lovebirds went with me as I did not want t spoil C's day. After th appointment with my doctor, Kopitiam was next for our brunch.

    Took a shuttle bus down Novena and trained down t City Hall. Peninsula t get my backpacks, Citylink t look at th sales in m)phosis followed by th outlet in ION. Got th pieces of clothings S reserved, unfortunately th shoe wear 've fallen in love for has no sizes of mine.

    Alright, so yeah you know th feeling of getting rejected of something we love and yearn much for. Feeling super unwilling, we turned t Ngee Ann's outlet. Asked for my size again, and damn th bloody salesgirl with poor attitude. Smoked and Aunt Anne's, then back t Sengkang.

    Compass Point t meet C and ate Mos Burger, th lovebirds left in a hurry and we went down Anchorvale t look for them. After some hassle, I returned t C's crib and associated with PlaymateG. Home sweet home.

    Brayden Nephew was at home, hence Serene Sister came over t pick him up. Yet t her dismay, he fell asleep hence I accompanied Sister t return t her house in order t collect their clothings. Anchorvale McDonald's was next, DriveThru t get my supper.

    Saturday, February 27th
    Park Green t view houses. Compass Point for dinner, met Han Siong and S. Pasarmalam aftermath.

    Sunday, February 28th
    Anchorvale McDonald's for brunch with HS & S, followed by Compass Point t meet C. Library next, I played HideN'Seek with them after our departure and thy were worried sick and C was angry with me. Sad ttm ah. Pasarmalam again, home sweet home.
    Monday, March 1st
    • C's house
    • Compass Point

    Tuesday, March 2nd
    • School
    • AMKHub t takeaway lunchie for S
    • Bishan Juncti8n
    • m)phosis t help out S
    • Bought a pair of wedges, belt and dress
    • Trained back Sengkang
    • Home sweet home for dinner and princess shower
    • Down t meet C with S
    • Rivervale Plaza t buy cigarettes
    • McDonald's for S's dinner
    • C sent me home