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    Thursday, February 25, 2010


    Overdued photos from Friday, February 19th.

    Sunday, February 21st
    Met Ian at Rivervale Plaza Fairprice, bought my cigarettes, wenta McDonald’s for brunch and revised Physics. Walked t Compass Point as he wanted t grab some bites while I caught my breath, many cute stuffs happened as we spoke like young primary school kids.

    Szemin’s underblock after that, Han Siong came not long after while we proceeded t Anchorvale McDonald’s. Talked about many lame stuffs like flying myself as a kite etcetc. I could not stop myself from laughing, Daddy came shortly after, send Ian t Hougang Plaza and drove over t Ang Mo Kio for dinner with Aunty Joyce and family. Home sweet home.

    Monday, February 22nd

    • McBreakfast with Charlie @ Rivervale Plaza
    • C’s house
    • Pasir Ris t change bus t Tampines
    • Met Szemin & Han Siong @ Tampines1 while C headed t school
    • over t Polyclinic while th other two went for lunchie
    • Library t meet C and th rest
    • Slacked
    • Century Square. Got my studs while C had fun in th arcade with his friends
    • Cabbed home with C after that.

    Tuesday, February 23rd
    • Charlie came over t my house early in th morning for a moment
    • Wenta his house
    • Parted while I took a bus t Compass Point t meet Szemin & Louis
    • Polyclinic t extend my Medical Certificate
    • Accompanied L for Subway
    • Sent him t th MRT
    • SM and I walked around Compass Point & trained back Rivervale Plaza t meet C
    • Slacked till nightfall and home sweet home

    Wednesday, February 24th
    • Cabbed t school in order not t be late
    • Rode a bus home straight
    • Princess shower
    • Out t meet Charlie @ Kangkar LRT
    • His house
    • Home sweet home
    Thursday, February 25th
    Life is being a bitch. Hailed a cab t school this morning expecting myself t be punctual yet I was sent t detention for being late just in one minute. Damn. ):

    • Sticked with Jun Jie and Ang Ying
    • AMKHub t send AY t bus stop and lunchie with JJ
    • Home sweet home