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    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    Castle walls and romantic candles,

    You have definitely heard of air-borne viruses. Yet do you people actually know that laziness can spread like any other? Joke, no? It seems so rather unbelievable. And here comes peer influence and th environment we are in. Guess what, I have been lazy t update this page thanks t SzeminLovesie. Best ah, I am lagging so much behind.

    Tuesday, February 16th
    Louis and Szemin met me @ Bakau LRT Station and thy accompanied me t Rivervale Plaza for lunchie. KFC, and I feel so fat. (Cries) Bought my cigarettes and walked over t Future Park Resident’s Corner t slack, and we started t speak about insects and etcetc. due t th poor and gross environment there. Couldn’t take it any further, we proceeded over t Charlie’s house after he woke up.

    L is th first guy I met who does not DotA, hence he found it really interesting t watch C playing that fucking loser game. While SM &I explored his house, watched C’s over twenty hamsters. Shocking, right? Camwhored.

    I don’t know who then started th idea in watching horror movies, plainly because C’s crib has th feeling and spirit of watching such as it is pretty dark there and having th mindset in scaring me inside-out. Irritatoooongz.

    Watched Gong-Tao as C wanted t, then realised it wasn’t a horror film at all, but rather something disgusting. Hence SM gave her opinion in watching My Ex, which totally freaked me out in screaming and yelling at some scenes, followed by th threesome laughing at my silliness. Tsktsk. As it was already seven, we left t Compass Point for dinner @ KFC. Yes, again I know. Because I started doing an action t prove that I am angry then thy had th idea in eating that just t spite me.

    Had plenty laughter and giggles while eating, I love life relaxed like that. (Smiles) C supposed t meet his friends aftermath, yet his plans were cancelled. Sent L t th MRT, while th remainder us strolled around Compass Point. Decided t part and headed t th Bus Interchange, and I smelt th aroma of tea-leaves eggs.

    C bought three, each for one of us. We began cracking our eggs and eating, followed by sipping down Pink Dolphin and puffs of smoke. Alighted th same bus with C, and home sweet home.

    Wednesday, February 17th
    Headed over t Szemin's house early in th morning & we went over t Sengkang Polyclinic. Bought our breakfast from McDonald’s, bought an extra set specially for Charlie. After my consultation, we bused down t leave his Big Breakfast at his doorstep. Back t my house for packing of bag and getting some stuff, hailed a cab down TheQuartz for swimming and sauna/steam!

    Cabbed back SM's house, she felt awkward for not combing her hair. After that, we waited for her ex-colleague t meet us as he wanted t pass her a red packet. There came a bunch of young boys, asking for SM's number upon countless rejections and being that shameless.

    Rode a bus down Charlie’s house. Shockingly, his mother came home without us knowing. Talked with his mom, I found her really cute & t realise that those over twenty hamsters all belongs t her! Rivervale Plaza after that for C & SM's dinner, and we walked over th next bus stop t send SM home.

    Thursday, February 18th
    School. Fetched Brayden Nephew from his school after dismissal and found him crying. Comforted him as we went for lunchie @ his school’s canteen, Daddy came shortly after. He dropped me @ Szemin’s house before returning home with Brayden. Went up and watched Episode13 of 海派田心(?), slacked for awhile and Louis & her sent me t th bus stop.

    Friday, February 19th
    School. Went for puffs with Angying Aiai, Hassym and Kumar, then took a bus down AMKHub t meet Szemin. Re-bling her phone, and then SM decided t have her lunch at S11. Han Siong reached McDonald’s shortly after, while we went up th Cinema t get our tickets and then Food Court for our lunch. Wenta smoke aftermath, walked around, and two garments from Cotton On caught SM’s eyes.

    Back t th theatre. Caught ‘Little Big Soldier’, and overall it was boring movie, but funny at certain scenes which could not stopped me from laughing. I was unaware of th reason, why my upper lip started t be swollen with two lumps which made me look super awful when I smile as though my lips are uneven. Bused back t my crib, changed and left for Anchorvale McDonald’s t study. Louis came not long after while HS left, followed by Samantha Cutie and her sister. Charlie came down as well, was not really in th mood hence I was only entertaining SM & C.

    (More photos uploaded in next post.)

    Walked SM home, while we alighted th bus back t Rivervale Plaza. C wanted t send me home as he knew I would be afraid of th dark, yet I rejected his kind offer mainly because I do not want him t walk so much. <: