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    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Inked hearts & pierced love,

    Right now, I hafta admit I am requesting nothing from God. But this chain of lovely events t go on and on, never ending. It is fate for us t be bonded as one, let us shut our eyes and enjoy this beautiful moment.

    Friday, February 12th
    KK Hospital with Daddy in th morning for my follow-up. Sauna and swimming with Szemin next @ The Rivervale. Thanks t bitches and new rules, it was cocked up. Once and for all, no more such repeated experiences again. Fuck th poor service.
    Saturday, February 13th
    Reunion dinner @ Grany’s place.

    Sunday, February 14th
    Happy Chinese Valentine’s people! – I wish those who wished me, receive plenty of red packets and have their love life blossom. (Winks)

    Maternal great grandfather’s place and paternal grandfather’s place in th early morning and afternoon.

    Homed t change my leggings into shorts, watched th teevee while waiting for Szemin’s call. Wenta pick her up at Bakau LRT and we walked over Kangkar LRT t meet Charlie. Slacked under a nearby block’s void deck till Charlie parted with us. Headed over t Plaza for McDonald’s, bitched.

    Met Han Siong @ Bakau LRT, and returned t my crib. Szemin stayed for dinner with my family, while Han Siong waited patiently, should I say. Down t send them off, after some planning of our arrangements for th next day.

    Monday, February 15th
    Stayed @ home t Dragonica th whole day while LeonardLovesie & SzeminLovesie went visiting. Supposed t have a sleep-over @ Szemin's crib, yet due t last minute changes we ended up MSN-ing, missing each other truckloads. K, sounds so lesbo!

    Below is an extract of our text messages.

    Me: ‘m super hungry.
    Szemin: Why suddenly hungry? Find smth to eat kay.
    Me: very long already. ):
    Szemin: Just find smth to eat k :)
    Me: eating. ^^v
    Szemin: Ok pig :x hehes

    Me: why?!
    Szemin: Eat already then can become fat pig chubby chubby haha
    Me: my baby loves fatso. (:
    Szemin: Leonard ah. Then you must eat more then more adorable! :x
    Szemin: No lo cute lei. Then he can pinch your chubby cheeks so cuteee!
    Me: later redred.
    Szemin: Cute ma

    Me: cannot. later become hamcheepeng
    Szemin: Your baby will still want you
    Me: don’t wantttt. I feel ugly that way.
    Szemin: K la continue be your bamboo. He’ll also love.
    Me: LOL. bitch. I wanna blog this out. (:
    Szemin: I not bitch hor pig. Haha k la i damn tired i go sleep now. Slp early hor fat pig! :x nights, love :)
    Me: Leonard baby says nightnights skinny bamboo twinny Louis baby. lovelove.