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    Sunday, February 7, 2010

    Far and apart.

    "Tears are just plain droplets of water falling from th eyes of one and it meant nothing even though it expresses th heart that words can’t say at times."

    I am on my very first step now in turning myself into th way I imagined myself in becoming into and I feel so proud of it. Feeling ultimately grateful t those whom drove me t this corner, so please do not blame me if my end result turned out shocking. Black humour, kewl no?

    Wednesday, February 3rd

    Thursday, February 4th
    AMKHub → Angying’s house → Tan Tock Seng Hospital → Bright Hill → Home sweet home

    Friday, February 5th
    Happy birthday, Mommy!
    Szemin’s house → Compass Point → Sengkang Polyclinic → Home

    Yesterday – Saturday, February 6th
    Bugis Street with Angying Aiai in th afternoon. I swear I could have died of squeezing there. We waited for bloody four traffics before we could get from Junction t Village, so you can really imagine th crowd. Then, Iluma.
    KK Hospital was next, wenta consult th doctor and was almost admitted for hospitalisation. Unfortunately, I am still under control hence I’ll be going back for th follow-up on Wednesday, and if my case worsen, I would be having th operation.