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    Saturday, January 30, 2010

    Traffic in life.

    I love my new hand phone’s ring tone! Okay, totally random.

    Stupid Marcus lied t me this afternoon saying that he would accompany me t City Plaza. Due t last minute changes, Pami and I went there t get my belts in order t go nice with my New Year clothing. And right now, I am at th crossway unknown of wearing my white tube with red waist belt or wear my translucent top and high waist skirt instead. I would be very white this coming Chinese New Year. (Laughs)

    Rong Ji came t fetch us at Grandlink Square aftermath, and stopped opposite Ang Mo Kio MRT Station for my maid t take a bus home. Bright Hill next t pray Grany, yet thy were closed at an earlier timing. Then, drove down t Sinmin Industrial Park as he wanted t look for his friend and then Champion. He stopped at th Lobby, waited for me t smoke and chat with Terence regarding my absence from Champion, got my books and he sent me home.

    Supposed t head for Pasir Ris later, but our plans were complicated due t th tight schedule hence postponed it.