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    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    Bad Romance,

    It seems like I have not been updating my Blogger frequently though, however all I can emphasise on my absence is that I would not be filling up this space as regularly as often, rather because I have lazybones born in me. (Giggles) Especially in this post, overdue photos are uploaded and I would only focus on th details of my yesterday.

    On a random note, thy said ‘Time heals all wounds’. And then, I would like t enquire if does th amount of time spent healing varies from th depth is our wounds? Practising enhances perfection, with my status as a Casanova cowgirl, why am I hurt all over again from th peak I fell?

    Daddy’s friend from Bali, Indonesia came over t Singapore with his two lovely mixed-blood children. Our meet up was mainly t discuss about an opening of a business, hence Serene Sister and Eric Westfu reserved a table specially for our dinner, a restaurant namely ‘Oosh!’ located at Dempsey Road, Tanglin Village.

    Just two ala-carte dishes, it summed up my meals full and full. One Foie Gras (goose liver) and grilled Australian Tenderloin (180grammes) in Cajun Marinade, served with steamed Cauliflower and Herbed Mashed Potato. One word t describe th medium-rare piece of meat, ‘Shiok’. Somehow or rather, it was th best steak I have ever eaten in my life. Five stars for The All New, Oosh!
    Right aftermath, Daddy drove Mommy &I down t somewhere in Tanglin t view th private houses. Thy seemed rather contented with estates there, so I guess we would be moving there despite th high-peaked prices. I am fine with anything so long it benefits all of us, yet th thought of mode of transportation plus th time consumed are failing my wants. Whatever, I would persuade them t stay in my home sweet home Sengkang. (^-^)v

    Okay, I will be giving a call t Damian very soon. Dinner tonight could not stop me from drooling, it is Daddy’s black pepper crab. –yummy! So, goodbye everyone.