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    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    Love is a wrecked destiny.

    Hello world.

    Life has been a total haywire lately, everything came crashing hard down onto me. If you have been stalking me @Twitter, you would have known it clear that I am leading a life of agony and sorrows. I tried t refrain myself from frowning and tearing, but memories kept me holding on. Trying t clinch, but having no abilities t do so. I was clear t cherish, yet I took it for granted. I can only blame myself for turning upon this state. My hand in yours, your heart is my home.

    Yesterday, Saturday - March28th's
    Great-grandfather & great-grandmother's birthday celebration (maternal) located at Amoy Street → Punggol Plaza t meet Celina &Ave → Joel's crib → Home sweet home