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    Monday, April 5, 2010

    Rip and tear.

    Dear Journal,
    Everything is back2square once again, I can only announce that everything is still in an unstable condition.
    I am just like a fluttering butterfly when it comes t affairs of th heart.
    Overdued photos from Swensens icecréme dinner w/ Szemin.Lovesie,

    Saturday, April 3rd

    (Aden's baby brother)

    (Doves' marriage)

    (Absinthe <3)

    Wedding dinner @ Goodwood Park Hotel → Uncle Sam’s pub @ Clarke Quay → Home sweet home

    • Memories of us flashed back like how th waves splashed on th soft-grounded sand-way as I saw th sweet in love couple engaging their promises and vows t an eternal future of happiness
    • So, when is our turn? My relatives told me that I am next on th list for upcoming marriage, and thy hurried me t settle down
    • I am prepared t be your sugar hunny wife and a promising mom through tedious training like pampering Aden’s baby brother
    • Absinthe for sips
    • Uncle Sam initiated t call a cab and pay for me, but Joel drove me home with his car instead