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    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    What is school?

    School is the newest shit in trend that never failed to tire one out. Fancy wanting us to wake early in the morning just to sing the fucked up Anthem of Singapore, and expect us to stay awake for a minimal of five hours. What shit is this, school is tiring and the adults self-proclaimed that the country would be depending on us, the bright hopes for nation.

    And then actually demanded us to study in the scorching hours of morning? How the fuck are we going to concentrate under the hot sun and heavy eyelids? I mean, at least give us insufficient sleep. Lack of rest, we fall sick and have to fucking produce a shit of Medical Certificate. Is the chairman of Ministry of Education’s brains screwed or what?

    The discipline committee of one’s school is not that great either. If you are going to pick on us, how are we supposed to divert the fullest of our attention on studies? Our minds would be running on the happened incidents, and we cannot even fucking concentrate. When our results are out, you fucking teachers get all the achievements, your pay and everything while we students get thrashings from our parents and disappoint everyone when you all were the ones driving us crazy.

    What is this world coming into, a government school really differs much from a private school.

    Fuck. I must really start to change myself, and not always push the blame and fault at others. I am forced to love school. _l_