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    Saturday, January 23, 2010

    No trivial.

    "I need daily dosages of love and this addiction kills me, taking away seconds of my life slowly."

    Hi guvnors, I have just visited Born To Be Your Taoeh & Born To Be Your Zhongeh and I had a good laugh. Though stories stirred in it are kinda childish, I believe Blogs are for personal use and it should not even fire up criticises neither quarrels. You either accept what people did, if not fuck off.

    Yesterday – Friday, January 22nd
    It was my first Friday spent in school. I thought it would be a bore, and it really came out t be one. Dismissed. Met Choon Weng, Jun Jie, Jun Hao and their classmates outside th school, went for a smoke and then rode a bus. Jun Hao’s friends boarded th bus, and we alighted at North Vista Secondary aftermath. Walked over Block108, with quite a number of North Vistarians(?) there along with familiar faces. Settled their internal conflicts and everyone parted.

    Waited for Baobei Steph, we slacked awhile and got screened. Rivervale Plaza for a late lunch was next, and we went t Future Park. Sent her t take a cabby down Punggol around evening and home sweet home t rest.

    Today – Saturday, January 23rd
    Chinatown with family. Had our brunch at Yumcha and did some shopping for snacks, toiletries as well as my facial products. Damn, it is yet th last day of th month and I have already spent so much at th start of this year. What a blessing in disguise. I hope I would not faint at th sight when I calculate th total figure of how much I spent at th month-end.