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    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    Tough times.

    Yesterday – Monday, January 25th
    I am so fucking in love with PlaymateG. (Winks) Had our lunch at AMKHub with Crystal, and then headed for swimming and sauna at The Rivervale. Home sweet home aftermath.

    Today – Tuesday, January 26th
    Muscle-ache, fever and headaches from Physical Education and swimming yesterday! T.T Crystal came t my house for studying after her school.

    My tag reply for someone:
    fion(passerby): may i know all the cleansers && beauty products you are usinq ? i want to know all and make a comparison , thank you babe .
    Me: Hello there. I am not using a certain and definite product as I am using a variety of them. I will make a list for them for you.
    DoctorSecret: Acne Blemish Kit
    Artistry: Pure White Cleanser, Pure White Toner 2, Pure White Moisturiser 2 SPF 20, Essentials Balancing Cleanser, Pore Cleansing Mask, Blemish Control, Replenishing Eye Crème, Make Up Remover
    Dermoskin: Astringent (Toner), P, S, I, Sun Protection SPF50+ PA+, Acne Cleanser
    Jean D’Arcel: Clearing Spot Control, Sebo-Balance 24h Clearing Cream, Vitamin C, Bamboo Scrub