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    Wednesday, January 27, 2010


    My dearest camaraderie, school is sucking all my energy away. & For th apathetic me, I have t catch forty winks in order t restore my liveliness.

    Below is th current situation for all my various subjects (January).
    English – Still alright, but I have got t knock it down for remedial lessons, as I have not been handling up my homework, fulfilling my task and putting my best into th tests
    Elementary Mathematics – I can handle simple Matrices but get kind of at multiplication of Matrices, and as for Probability I need someone t guide me or I will never be able t complete my assigned questions
    Chinese – I need t pull up my socks and read more for th boosting of vocabularies
    Science (Physics) – Seriously in need t memorise my formulas and definitions, read up my textbook and notes for recapping
    Science (Chemistry) – I am so fucking bloody lost
    Principle of Accounts – Need t read up my textbook badly t start and be on task
    Combined Humanities (Literature) – Definitely no problem but I need t tickle my lazybones
    Combined Humanities (Social Studies) – A need t read up my notes and catch up with lessons
    Art – I am doing fine!
    Damn, you see. I really need t pull up my socks and stop slacking. Time waits for no man.