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    Friday, December 11, 2009

    Rum and raisins.

    I swear I could have melted from th scorching sun. Met up with Eileen, Ellice, Hui Ting and Jing Yang (GgFiCaTioN) this afternoon at Rivervale Plaza McDonald. Next location was 113, settled down and had a long nice chat. I realised I have not been around this area for way too long and there is a lot of upcoming heart2heart talks and updates.

    Mei Qi came not long after and Jing Yang left for Hougang Mall t meet his friend, Clement. Parted with th girls after some photo takings.

    On th way t my bus stop, I bumped into Alfred Taizi. Wow, have not met him for sucha long long time and I could not recognise him with my shortsighted eyes. Rode a bus down t Ang Mo Kio, drop by Grany’s place t visit her.

    Serene Sister came t fetch me after knocking off and drove me home for dinner. Th way home was full of vulgarities and racing. =="

    Anyway, I watched these videos in Youtube. Aren’t thy cute? ;D