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    Thursday, December 10, 2009

    Wheel of misfortune,

    This is getting terrible. Firstly eyeballz sounding like bells when I rubbed them (is it due t th upcoming festive season?), secondly I spent almost half an hour trying t roll th stud for my tragus piercing plus I fucking lost two balls. Thirdly, my handphone ain’t working well focusing on th centre key. Then, my intestines are not functioning especially when I returned from overseas. Lastly, should I say I am so fucking lazy t do some tedious training in Dragonica and I wouldn’t bring myself out for some fresh air.

    God, why am I torturing myself by letting things I don’t want crashing down on me?

    P.S.: Post for December7 has been edited and uploaded with photos. In case spammers get active, yes I know I am ugly but you have no rights t criticise/insult unless you have got th ability t chase me back my mother's pussy into her womb. ^^v