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    Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    Lady Vamp.

    Sunday - Terminal Three for Earle Swensen’s with my dearest family.
    Note: Whenever I stated ‘dearest family’, it means a family of six consisting Daddy, Mommy, Eric Westfu, Serene Sister, Brayden Nephew and I. Shocked upon seeing Brayden, he had some tootie-hairstyle.

    Tuesday, yesterday – Finally decided t get my schooling books for 2010, hence headed over Compass Point’s Popular bookstore with Brayden & Pami.

    P.S.: Hurray, Mommy got her new job! (:

    Currently, I am so fucking addicted t Dragonica and I have totally neglected any other me-related stuffz. Goddamnit, I wanna hit level sixty-five by this weekend and th max level by school starts!
    xSaphyre ♥♥♥ SangABow + ArtofWar