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    Sunday, December 27, 2009

    Bottled sorrows,

    │ Money is not possible t buy love.

    ││ No matter how much I tried t satisfying you, it is still not working, as thy said first love is not erasable.

    │││ I lost th game and dare not touch it again.

    ││││ This story had every little happy moments started with and pinned on it yet it ended drowned in bitter cried tears.

    │││││ Tonight, I am going t watch th stars blink under a patch of dark sapphire sky alone and reminisce.

    ││││││ Th morning glows with a shine but I look no further t my shattered dreams and I returned back t my paradise of broken hearts.

    │││││││ I was not supposed t arrange all cracked pieces and assemble them together because my heart would never be complete with th last piece gone and that is you.

    ││││││││ I fell deeply into a pothole that turned me dizzy and I have given up trying t get t my point of return.

    │││││││││ You was not there for me with your hand stretched.

    ││││││││││ I yearn for no handsome faces, no hot hunks, no dollar signs, no big cottages but an ordinary true heart’s companionship.