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    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Giving up for principles.

    Met up with Jian An, Bao Qiang and their friends for dinner at Block 6xx around 7pm, rode a bus down Juncti8n t collect my phone yet Sony Ericsson was once again closed at 830pm. _l_ Champion was next, and something fucked up really happened. Met Choon Weng and Jurist at VaryNice for awhile because I was feeling nausea. Jurist then walked me home, and it was 1130pm then. At about 1230am, Serene Sister drove th whole family down Champion t double check stuffz. Reached home at 4am, wonderfool. _l_

    Fuck. I swear I will never enter Champion Billiards again.

    P.S.: Because of last night's incident, I have really chosen t dissipate from your life. Gnight and takecare, you will always be in my heart for you changed my life. Principles, I wouldn't blame you. (L)