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    Friday, May 6, 2011


    (When you were still new to the house)

    Name: Minojo.
    Enlistment: 08 January 2011.
    Gender: Female.

    To the best pet in my life, Minojo:
    I am sorry I have not been a great owner to you, I am irresponsible and sleeping when you are experiencing your last breath.
    Nevertheless, I love you a lot but I really have no time for you.
    I am truly sorry about that, I never cherished you until you are gone, I wished to have spent more time with you instead.

    You was still such a cute little puny thing when we bought you home. You must have been sad that I did not fall in love with you at the first sight, and scared when we moved you here and there. We built and upgraded so much houses, tried so hard to make sure you are in your comfort zone. I panicked when I thought your popcorning was a sign of ear infection and rushed you to the veterinarian. I covered you with blanket when I hear you sneeze. I shower for you every other day when poo and pee stains your furry coat. I know you feel stressed when I bathe you, I know you dislike it. But it is for your cleanliness and hygiene. Don't blame Mommy, okay?

    (Wanting more food instead of cucumbers)

    I bought you huge varieties of new vegetables to make sure your level of Vitamin C is high and you are healthy, not contracting scurvy. You are different from the rest because you eat the most fresh fruits and vegetables while other cavies eat dried food bought from the pet shop. I pampered you so much, I feed you nuts and dairy products in a low content to praise you when they are not supposed to be fed. You love it, you look for more. You have been my best baby.

    I will miss your whistles, your grumpings, your nose pushing me against my finger, the cute look when you stand on two of your legs to look at us, the way you snatch food from me, the way you poo everywhere, the way you pee on newspapers, the little strands of fur that flies around your area, the smelly odour when you make a mess of your house, the tiredness from cutting your vegetables.

    We'll miss you. May your death be an offering for you. Rest in Peace.