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    (K) Rose Marguerite Kisses

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    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Sapphire star night under street lights.

    the emptiness, the hollowness. your voice echoed in my mind. can we be one of those cliche couples, the one who holds hand in line, kissing each other on the halfway and making everyone insanely jealous?

    Great grand father passed away peacefully on his deathbed, a very memorable date (2010 October, 10). Finally being able to let go of all his pains and sufferings from the unbeatable and deadly cancer, he left for the nether world. You have turned your remorse agony into a sudden absence. Up there, you have no more worries. Down here, we will have more misses. We are just one piece of atmosphere and sky apart, we can see you when the night glows with shimmering stars and you can see us from the tip anytime. We will be fine and strong. Rest in peace. Always in our heart, xoxo.

    Friday, October 8th, 2010
    Kite-flying and little snacks @ Marina Barrage with Janice Amber, John, Cheston, Jin Wei, Yu Cai, Szemin & Calvin. Bumped into Liang Jie and Aloysius.