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    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    White daisy.

    Hi Blogger! ‘m at th sixtieth post currently, should I delete some booooring old posts? (Zips) Somehow or rather, I was just dismissed from my princess shower and I am tired max right nao! So, fml for having consistent headaches these days. Week has somehow been summed up by lovely outing @Town, I am a happyger going through agonised sorrows at times. Contradicting, enough. :)

    Saturday, 17th April 2010
    Tied down with threesomeluv (Louis K., Szemin.Lovesie) @Town, gave movie ‘Shutter Island’ with in-game guildmates a miss, but met them up for dinner @Newton Circus. More outings t come, lovelies! (spamheartshere)

    In short,
    Compass Point → Orchard, Far East Plaza → Orchard, ION → Newton Circus → Home sweet home

    P.S.: If any kind readers here do Blog through a Blackberry application, teach me pretty pleasezxc.